Fiduciary Book/Article/Web Resource List

By John E. Mayer AIFA® CFP



ABA – Insurance Counselor Series

Brody, Lawrence, The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Life Insurance Due Care: Carriers, Products & Illustrations

Federal Income Taxation of Life Insurance

Split-Dollar Life Insurance

S Corporations and Life Insurance

Non-Qualified Deferred Comp

Abbin, Byrle M., Income Taxation of Fiduciaries and Beneficiaries Vol. 1 & 2, Aspen Publishing 2003

Acker, Alan S., Special Supplement, Estate Planners Guide to Income in Respect of a Decedent

American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law, Trusts, Prudent Investor Rule, ALI-ABA

American Law Institute, Uniform Trust Code (UTC)

Baldwin, Ben G., The Lawyer’s Guide to Insurance, ABA

Bitzer, Frank J., and Nicholas W. Ferrigno, Jr., ERISA Facts 2004, National Underwriter Co.

Black, Jr., Ken, Harold D. Skipper, Jr., Life & Health Insurance 13th Edition, Prentice Hall

Blattmachr, Jonathan and Bridget J. Crawford, Grantor Trusts and Income Tax Reporting Requirements: A Primer, Probate & Property section March/April 2002

Canadian Taxation of Life Insurance second Edition,   Thomson Carswell

Cooper, Robert W., An Historical Analysis of the Tontine Principle, University of Pennsylvania, S. S. Huebner Foundation

Crawford, Muriel L., Life & Health Insurance Law 8th Edition, LOMA

Dacey, Norman F., What’s Wrong with Your Life Insurance, Macmillan, 1989

English, David M. and Robert Whitman, Fiduciary Accounting & Trust Administration Guide, ALI-ABA

Fischer, Emeric, Peter Nash Swisher, Jeffrey W. Stempel, Principles of Insurance Law Lexis Nexis, 2004

Foundation for Fiduciary Studies, Prudent Investment Practices: A Handbook for Investment Fiduciaries

Garner, Bryan A., Editor, Black’s Law Dictionary 8th Edition, West Publishing, 2004

Graves, Edward E., Editor, McGill’s Life Insurance 5th Edition, American College

Graves, Edward E. and Burke A. Christensen, editors of McGill’s Legal Aspects of Life Insurance 3rd Edition, American College

Greider, Janice E., Muriel L. Crawdord, William T. Beadles, Law & the Life Insurance Contract, Life Management Institute LOMA

Hoffman, Marc D. & Leland E. Hoffman Jr., Harnessing the Power of the Charitable Remainder Trust 6th Edition

Holcombe, Randall G., Writing Off Ideas: Taxation, Foundations, and Philanthropy in America, The Independent Institute in 2000,

Ivers, III, James F., Readings in Income Taxation, 16th Edition, American College

Keeton, Robert E., Insurance Law Rights at Variance with Policy Provisions Part 1, Harvard Law Review Vol. 83 #5 March 1970 (can be purchased through

Keeton, Robert E., Insurance Law Rights at Variance with Policy Provisions Part 2, Harvard Law Review Vol. 83 #6 April 1970 (can be purchased through

Nolan, James L., Editor for TORT and Insurance Practice Section, ABA, The Suicide Case – Investigation and Trial of Insurance Claims

Pannabecker, James H., Banking Law Journal Digest, Vol. 1 & 2, A. S. Pratt & Sons

Rounds, Jr., Charles E., Loring A Trustee’s Handbook 2004 Edition, Aspen Pub

Shuntich, Louis S., The Life Insurance Handbook, Marketplace Books

Toce, Jr., Joesph P., Byrle M. Abbin, William M. Pace, Mark L. Vorsatz, Tax Economics of Charitable Giving 2003/2004

Trone, Don B., William R. Allbright, and Philip R. Taylor, Procedural Prudence for Fiduciaries

Trone, Don B., William R. Allbright, and Philip R. Taylor, The Management of Investment Decisions

Trusts & Estates Journal, June 2004 issue, two excellent articles are:  Fallible Fiduciaries by John Brooks and Samantha E. Weissbluth / The Shrinking Trustee by Glenn Kurlander and Edward J. Orazem

Vaughan, Emmett J. and Therese M. Vaughan, Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance 8th Edition, John Wiley

Villaronga, Luis M., The Incontestable Clause: An Historical Analysis, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Widiss, Alan I., Robert E. Keeton, Insurance Law: A Guide to Fundamental Principles, Legal Doctrines & Commerical Practices, West Group, 1988 Course Supplement

York, Kenneth H., John W. Whelan, Leo P. Martinez, Cases, Materials & Problems on General Practice Insurance Law, West

Ziesenheim, Ken, Understanding ERISA: A Compact Guide To The Landmark Act, Marketplace Books, 2002